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2 min readNov 18, 2021

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According to official news, Google Cloud and PlatON, a privacy AI computing network, have officially entered into a partnership. PlatON will combine its advanced technology with Google’s multi-layered business segments to jointly build a blockchain industry ecosystem, helping customers to carry out digital intelligence upgrades and injecting momentum into industrial digital transformation.

For this information, we need to understand 2 basic points.

  • PlatON has been working on blockchain technology, privacy protection technology . Whitepaper 2.0 has planned privacy computing to the height of AI network! In our white paper 2.0 interpretation also let everyone clearly see the PlatON has the ability and vision, the rest to time.
  • Google Cloud business is a series of cloud computing services provided by Google, providing infrastructure services, platform services and serverless computing environments on servers running Google search and YouTube. In addition to providing management tools, the Google Cloud platform offers a range of modular cloud services, including: cloud computing, data storage, data analytics and machine learning.

PlatON has privacy-preserving technology and is a blockchain project.

Google Cloud in the sale of business cloud computing, data storage, data analytics and machine learning, etc. .

There are not many information points from the major media, but we need to pay attention to “will provide basic application technology and enterprise-level platform services”.

Foundation-level application technology: PlatON is dedicated to building blockchain’s foundation-level service. What is the demand for Google Cloud’s foundation-level service?

  • First of all, the cloud service is one of the most basic requirements and the core part of the server key management in the process of webmaster use. platON’s unique privacy computing technology, especially MPC technology, has great value in Google Cloud in key management!
  • Second, Google Cloud provides additional cloud services and computing power for PlatON’s secure multi-party computing (MPC)!

PlatON said it combines its advanced technology with Google’s multi-layered business segments to build the blockchain industry ecosystem and help customers upgrade to digital intelligence.

It is believed that PlatON will explore multi-board business penetration in the process of long-term cooperation after the meeting, which will be an unparalleled application scenario and a real privacy technology landing case!

Since before the press release, there have been several domestic and overseas media reports, and we will provide an in-depth explanation when the details of the cooperation are announced!




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