Privacy computing is breaking “The isolated island of data”-Interpretation of PlatON 2.0 White Paper

  • A decentralized AI marketplace that enables the common sharing of AI assets, agile smart application development, and provides the whole process of products and services from AI computing power and algorithms to AI capabilities and their production, deployment, and integration.
  • A decentralized AI collaboration network that allows AI to collaborate at scale, bringing together collective intelligence to accomplish complex goals.

Layer2: Privacy-preserving computation network

The data in privacy-preserving computation networks are generally kept locally and are available invisible through secure multi-party computing, federated learning, and other techniques for collaborative computation. Not only the privacy of the data is protected, but also the privacy of the computation results such as the completed AI models trained.

Layer3: Collaborative AI network

Using the datasets and computing power of privacy-preserving computation networks, AI models can be trained, deployed, and served externally, forming a marketplace for AI services. Through technologies such as Multi Agent System, AI agents can operate independently and communicate and collaborate with each other to create more and more innovative AI services, enabling AI DAO and forming autonomous AI networks.



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