PlatONWorld Site Owner Project Recruitment Plan

  • This recruitment, for global blockchain enthusiasts, teams or individuals can declare, teams are preferred;
  • Language requirements for recruitment are Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, French, German, etc.;
  • Understand platform projects and the field of privacy computing;
  • For the applied website, have the basic ability to organize, operate, and expand the scale.
  • Your team or individual name;
  • Your contact information (mobile phone or email address);
  • Website Application (country name or language);
  • Brief background of the team or individual in the relevant industry.
  • Send the application information to;
  • After screening, PlatONWorld conducts secondary communication and gives a clear reply;
  • Signing of an agreement related to the operation of PlatONWorld’s international website;
  • Planning sub-sites online time, and operation plan.
  • Ensure the basic operation of PlatONWorld subsite, article content distribution and channel proliferation;
  • Build community and provide PlatON related information to regional users;
  • Plan and carry out online and offline activities by cycle or time point;
  • Organize participation in official PlatON event;
  • Sub-site enjoys 100% operating rights, and the operating income belongs to the sub-site.



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