PlatON ecological theory | “Ecological” battlefield, where to go?

  • Building a brand: is to establish a brand image different from other project parties, a more high-end brand concept, a more farsighted brand vision and values.
  • Organizing meetings frequently: including organizing meetings and participating in meetings, we need to make use of various occasions to continuously output our brand values, keep in touch with all kinds of ecological partners and target audiences, let them understand our advantages, capabilities and vision again and again, and inspire them to join the ecological industry.
  • Training: we will build a training system for different groups of people, especially global blockchain developers, traditional software developers, system integrators, and so on, in terms of the technical concepts, technical achievements, application methods, and business logic of our privacy computing, so as to continuously cultivate all kinds of talents for the ecology. Although it may not have much effect in the short term, long-term continuous investment will obtain a more stable ecosystem foundation.
  • Strategic height: internal ecological projects and public chain projects have high strategic value. Secondly, with its savage growth, it is not as good as standardized innovation. Developers have a clear understanding of project control and integration, and can create and accumulate more self value for public chain projects at a certain point in time.
  • High survival rate: endophytic project is easier to correct deviation. In the early stage of project incubation, it has been able to obtain relatively professional guidance and relatively rich resources, which greatly improves the success rate.
  • Precipitation loyalists: once the Endostar project starts, it means that there will be enough stickiness in the next 6–18 months. Harvest developers, users, heat, topics, predictable internal or external cooperation, etc.
  • Make the cake bigger: the real project will never overlap with the existing projects by 60% — 80%. Although it is a common field, the direction of the project is deviated. Note that blockchain is not a manufacturing industry, so there is no price war. This is the same root, why kill each other, win-win cooperation, cake bigger.
  • Be a better self: no matter what the purpose is, they choose to be a better self. If we spread out the demand, we can do something together, make profits separately, or create a new common interest.
  • High speed expansion: cooperation, the result is a hundred flowers bloom. It can quickly respond to different fields and functions. The market will screen and eliminate those projects that are not recognized.



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