More Details | PlatON Partnered with Google Cloud

  • Second, Google’s industry height, combined with blockchain projects, is bound to spawn production tools and applications that are applicable globally, Especially Google’s developer ecology and its perfection, can provide PlatON with high-quality developer resources and assistance.
  • Finally, Google’s absolute advantage in the mobile side, as the privacy protection as the core capabilities of PlatON choose Google is also hoping to get closer to ordinary users, because the data of citizens need privacy protection.
  • Blockchain industry: it involves more private key management. The common way we have now is the helper key, which can help users to record and save it quickly in a safe and effective way. Besides, you need to understand some cutting-edge key algorithms — threshold signature algorithm (a distributed multi-party signature protocol).
  • In addition, several major global cloud service vendors have their own set of KMS as the base security. The project in the blockchain space that I understand is currently being tried is NuCypher, positioned as a distributed key management platform (KMS), a privacy layer protocol built on top of ethereum.



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