Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT

Total Circulation

  • 10 billion (10000M) is the total amount of initial issuance.
  • 50 million, which is 2.5% of the 2.5% (250 million) of the annual additional issuance, minus 80% (200 million) of the automatic entry into the incentive pool.
  • 1.1 million, which is the block that has been generated, and the reward received by each node has been released from the lock in contract to the total amount of issuance.



The share calculation of SAFT

The statistical analysis of other TX

  • PlatON’s utility tokens will be issued in a compliant manner, with a total amount of 10 billion.
  • 10% of the found are used as the calculator fund to reward community developers, DAPP developers and node development;
  • 10% of the fund are used for academic research, algorithm research and related activities;
  • 15% of this found are used for the daily operation and maintenance expenses of latticex foundation;
  • 20% of this found distribute to the private equity issuers;
  • 20% of this found distribute to the founding team;
  • 15% of this found put into reserve pool;
  • 10% of this found will be used as ecological fund.


  1. The first batch of released quantity of SAFT: around 346 million LAT. Some of them are in Staking&Delegation status in the nodes, and the remaining 138.4–207.6 million LAT are in real circulation .
  2. Excluding the unsold share SAFT of 615.5 million LAT , the foundation currently holds about 1.3 billion LAT in circulation. If 10% of the 1.3 billion has been spent or distributed in foundation operation, ecological support and community activities, that is 130 million. In my opinion,it is unlikely to exceed 10% at present. After all, the main network has just been launched at short time before and the long march has just begun.




PlatONWorld — The base of PlatON’s long-term ecologicalists !

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PlatONWorld — The base of PlatON’s long-term ecologicalists !

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