Analyse | Digging into the Mystery of PlatON/LAT’s Circulation Volume 2.0

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Since the launch of LAT, it has been more than two months. The price of this LAT has been falling from the opening and peak to the present day. It has always been a hot topic of community attention and even complaints. The voice from the “cutting leeks” of project party has been constantly pouring out, but the project party is really disappeared as the community said?

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The circulation of LAT

At the beginning of the launch of LAT, LAT100 published an article on the circulation of LAT, “Deep Analysis | Digging into the Mystery of PlatON/LAT Circulation”, and concluded that the actual circulation of LAT is approximately: 2.684–337.6 million. After removing node pledges and commissions by users, there are approximately 1.384–207.6 million LAT tokens in real circulation.

The figure below shows the circulation/total issuance displayed on the block explorer when LAT launched. The circulation reached 2.322 billion, including the locked position that has been distributed to the pre-sale address, so the circulation will be so high.

At the time of publication, the circulation volume on the block browser was 129 million. This number should be the official change of the statistical rules, that is, the real number of LAT tokens that can be transferred and traded at will. It is very close to the actual circulation of 1.384–207.6 million calculated in the article “Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT“.

| Where is 129 million in circulation?

According to the incomplete statistics, at present, LAT has launched in exchanges.Huobi has the largest transaction volume, Then is exchange OK.I checked the addresses on Huobi and OK ,the LAT stock is around 65,055,478,on Huobi address,and around 13,019,950 LAT stock on OK address.The two largest stocks total about 78 million. The total stock of the other exchanges is estimated to be 2 to 4 million. In other words, there are currently about 80 million LATs that may be traded on the exchange.

The address on Huobi

The address on OKEX

Where are the nearly 50 million LAT tokens? This question is hard to say. It may be put in the wallet to pledge the commission to earn income, or it may be put in the wallet and do nothing ,just to be a long-termist.

  • Popularizing some knowledge

The article “Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT“ summarized a conclusion:

“Because of the first release is 25% LAT tokens, it can be calculated that the total private placement LAT tokens are 1.3844.5 billion. It can also be calculated that the private placement LAT tokens that have not been released are about 1.04 billion.”

Due to the project party has designed a personal mechanism, the locked LAT tokens can still be used for pledge commission income, so the total pledge in the above figure is 1.151 billion, and most of the LAT tokens are locked and not in thecirculation.

Rumors about the “cutting leeks” of project party

Recently, I often hear a lot of news about BTC and ETH, such as “the strong regulatory signal of virtual currency cannot be ignored”, “hope to strengthen the supervision of cryptocurrency exchanges”, “be alert to the emotional prosperity of the virtual currency market”, etc. In addition, since June, the demand for BTC network computing power has increased, but the closure of mines and the crackdown on BTC mining have caused the network’s computing power to drop by 55%, which has had a serious impact on virtual currencies. Of course, supervision is necessary. It is indeed a good thing for the industry in the long run, but it is definitely negative in the short run. Under such a general environment, it is also difficult for LAT to buck the market and get out of the independent market. After all, BTC is the dominant market.

Affected by the overall market environment and the cash out of some other institutions or individuals, the price of LAT currency has continued to fall, and various discordant voices have been heard: the project party has cut . I think this is pure nonsense. I would like to ask if it is really cutting , why not cut it at the beginning of the line, why wait until now? So who is selling LAT tokens? Listen to my simple analysis.

  • Institutions participating in the pre-sale

According to public information, there are three rounds of pre-sales for institutions in the early stage of LAT, and 25% of the pre-sale quota will be released when the mainnet is launched.

I tracked around 30 addresses among the top 50 major recharge accounts of Huobi and OK addresses. They are basically addresses with lock-up plans (figure below). This also means that the real major cash-out users are those who participated in the pre-sale in the early stage. At the very least, I haven’t noticed the behavior of recharging a large amount of funds to the exchange from the address of the project party to cash out.

  • Grants program applicants

In 2020, as the main supporter and promoter of PlatON, the LatticeX Foundation officially announced the Grants program to the whole world. At present, the Grants program not only provides funding and development support infrastructure for high-quality projects focusing on privacy-preserving computing and distributed economy, but also comprehensively covers various projects and community developers in the PlatON community.

The Foundation will conduct a detailed review of the projects applied for Grants, and will also conduct a strict KYC review of the individuals or teams applying to ensure that each passed project is of great significance to the development of PlatON.

I checked some brief introductions of Grants projects, involving multiple sectors. I believe these projects will have a huge and far-reaching impact on the development of PlatON. Of course, this part of the ecological projects may be cashed out to maintain development, and may have an impact on the market of LAT, but I think they are extremely small and not enough to have a long-term impact on the currency price of LAT.

  • The node

Since the main network was launched, nearly 300 nodes have been built, and the top 201 nodes have obtained the block qualification. So the nodes with financial resources desperately increase the amount of entrustment, and those without financial resources can only watch themselves being squeezed out of 201. If you can’t get out of the block, it means that there is no income. The weak nodes have to choose to exit. The LAT after exiting is nothing more than two ways, either entrusted to other nodes or cashed out. By the time of press release, there were 84 exiting and exiting nodes. Once the coins of these nodes cash out and leave the market, they will bring some selling pressure to the market more or less.

There are also some nodes that are pure models as “diging, withdrawing, and selling” . The simple understanding is the revenue generated by the node. No matter how much LAT price is, just sell you have it. Why people do it so? The annual cost of a node server is about 7,000 yuan. According to the current node rate of return, the server cost has been recovered. Then just turn on the models as “diging, withdrawing, and selling”

| A little of my feeling

Between “cutting leeks” and the long-term development of safety and compliance, which is more important, the LatticeX Foundation definitely chooses the latter.

There is a chapter in “Depth analysis | Dig deep into the secret of circulation volume of PlatON / LAT” called “Extra-topic Development-Judgment on the Character of LatticeX Foundation”, you can read it carefully, maybe you will have a new understanding of the project side .

I have never seen such a prudent, rigorous and pragmatic team

PlatON’s founding block wrote a paragraph in the name of Plato in Latin, English and Chinese, “Let us always stick to the way up, and do our best to practice justice with prudence.” I don’t know what others think, but when I read this sentence , I couldn’t help but dedicate the touch of adults.

To achieve a real market value of hundreds of billions or even trillions, there is a long way to go. It is not enough to guide with lofty goals. It must be supplemented by the correct attitude, method and rhythm of doing things. Any eagerness for quick success and quick gains and instant benefit, any cheating,, will eventually pay a price, leading to halfway death and failing to achieve the ambition.

After all, I really felt this prudent, rigorous and pragmatic style in the process of interacting with the foundation. Our PlatONWorld team has submitted three medium-sized cooperation applications and one independent Grants application to the foundation since March. The first one was rejected because it was prepared to adopt the traditional habitual thinking of the currency circle, quickly recruiting people, and getting started, which made the foundation dislike it. The second and third proposals were actually suspended due to the foundation’s own team energy, work focus, and proximity to the mainnet, the time window was not suitable, and the budget and resources needed to be adjusted significantly. In the process, I felt the professionalism, pragmatism, and rigor of the Foundation staff, including humility and prudence, rather than arrogance and foolish.

The above is the comparison chart of LAT and eth in the same period. If the project side really would like to cut leeks, can you believe that the daily turnover of LAT with single digit value is sometimes less than that of eth with four digit value? If cut leeks, what can they get?

The project party has always been here

Talking about the domestic public chains,we have to talk about the historically significant year of 2018.When it comes to domestic public chains, we have to say that 2018 is of historical significance. 2018 is known as the first year of public chains. The reason for this description is that public chains are online in this year. For example, TRON, Bytom , ONT and a series of public chains are all online in this year. However, with the passage of time, many of them have strong momentum until now, There is no progress at all in the massive star public chain, and the community is basically in a semi paralyzed state. When we think about the so-called heroic words and ecological application construction, we can’t help feeling a little ridiculous. Since 2018, some public chains have gone to extinction before they began to grow.

Friends who have been deeply involved in the token and chain circles must know that the prosperity or decline of public chains has a great relationship with the market and price of Bitcoin. Based on this alone, many public chains are basically short-lived, because This type of public chain is basically the product of the huge bubble generated by Bitcoin, which is equivalent to being born on the bubble, and has no actual value or meaning.

In theory, the public chain with real value and application foundation will not be affected by these external factors. Whether it is a bull market or a bear market, it can easily pass through without any influence. From the initial foundation, it gradually grows into a specific model and growth track.

In June, the Bitcoin mining aera was collectively cut off, the central bank requested to cut off the virtual currency transaction payment chain and other policy guidance, so that most practitioners recalled 9.4. The specific details will not be described too much, and the interested friends can search for “coin circle 9.4” to review the history by themselves.

At the same time, most projects have turned on “silent mode”.

PlatON is not an exception, even is “power saving mode”.

PlatON has always taken “compliance” as the primary prerequisite, and then empowered it based on blockchain technology. More than 90% of PlatON fans clearly know this premise, and even use this premise as the only reason for participating in the project. However, under the high pressure of the policy, PlatON chose the “power saving mode” as everyone’s common goal.”Power saving mode” does not mean stagnation. The domestic policy is tight, making them temporarily low-key in the domestic market. Several mainnet version upgrades, several project tests, and Twitter and official accounts of Wechat are all in sync. The update informs everyone of the progress of the project. This is the team with an attitude and responsibility, still doing things “in compliance”.

Whether in terms of technology, ecological construction, or brand display, they are all proceeding in an orderly manner.

A few days ago, the outline of the new version of PlatON’s white paper, “decentralized privacy preserving AI network 2.0”, was heavily released. According to the white paper, PlatON 2.0 will adopt three-tier network architecture, namely consensus layer, privacy preserving computing network and AI network. The consensus layer is a point-to-point blockchain network composed of nodes, which can execute smart contracts; Privacy preserving computing network allows data nodes and computing nodes to publish data and contribute computing power, and forms a decentralized trading market of data, algorithms and computing power; AI network will become an independent autonomous AI network, but it still uses the intelligent contract of consensus layer and computing power in computing network. As you can see, this is a big step iteration.

As a domestic public chain, PlatON can stand on the world stage, research the future technology track, and export its brand value step by step as a leader. As a participant, we should be proud!


  • Why is the project side so low-key recently?

The policy is tight, but they have been doing things in compliance. Wait patiently and give them enough time to erupt.

  • Will the project party smash the offer?

The circulation of LAT will naturally increase within the scope of the plan, the official will not use any stock to cash out, and the official market behavior will not interfere.

  • Does the project party care about the token price?

Of course they do, but they only care about it within the scope of compliance.

  • Will the token price still fall?

Leave everything to the market, just like you can’t control the fall of the pie.

We are in an era of intelligent transformation, and artificial intelligence technology is “powering” all walks of life and developing rapidly. When artificial intelligence develops to a certain stage, it always faces the conflict and balance between privacy and security. Didi’s thunderstorms once again pushed “privacy” to the forefront. How should “privacy” be protected?

What is PlatON–A Decentralized Privacy-Preserving AI Network?

This is exactly what PlatON is doing.

With the increasing attention to privacy protection and the development of privacy-protecting AI technology, give PlatON enough time and patience, I believe it will eventually usher in an explosion.

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